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Dell EMC The Source: Intelligence You Can Trust. An insider’s perspective on the Dell EMC portfolio of Products, Technologies and Solutions as they relate to the challenges faced by our customers and the ever changing technology landscape.

Apr 20, 2016

In EMC The Source Episode #7, I spoke to Ken Mills (@OtherKen) and Terry Gainer, former law enforcement officer with over 30 years’ experience on the force.   Terry outlined the rapid growth and challenges faced by law enforcement offices in connecting, storing and managing massive amounts of data in a Video Surveillance Data Lake. That conversation continued in Episode #29 with Steve Teitelbaum (@STeitelbaum), Surveillance Solutions Manager at Avnet Embedded.

This past week at the International Security Conference (ISC West), EMC announced the availability of EVT (EMC Video Transport).  EVT is designed to enhance our customers’ video surveillance solutions by enhancing Edge to Core to Cloud capabilities. 

This week on EMC The Source Podcast, Ken Mills (@OtherKen) and Frank McCarthy review all of the details.

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