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Mar 9, 2016

DSSD D5 was only half of the EMC Quantum Leap event. If you missed last week’s EMC The Source Podcast Episode #32, be sure to get the DSSD D5 details with Will Layton. For the full launch replay, head here. In addition to DSSD D5, EMC introduced “VMAX ALL-FLASH”.

EMC VMAX All Flash Arrays are architected to solve the CIO challenge of embracing a modernized Flash-centric data center and hybrid cloud while simultaneously simplifying, automating and consolidating IT operations. VMAX All Flash isn’t just bigger, better and faster, but it was engineered for the latest, high density Flash technology. These data services address the new requirements of the modern data center while continuing to deliver the reliability and availability EMC customers have relied on for decades. 

I sat down with Mick Turner (@MickTurner508), fresh off his return from London.   Mick and I discussed what’s new with VMAX All Flash, its architecture, and how it fits into the EMC Storage Portfolio.

For more details, visit and check the bonus section of EMC The Source Podcast for more information. Thanks for listening.

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