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Dec 16, 2015

The Federation End User Computing Solution (Federation EUC) makes it easier to deploy virtual desktops by going beyond just desktops. The Solution provides everything you need for secure, anytime, anywhere access to desktops and applications. This includes not just the VDI, but also the support desk software, orchestration and automation tools, security, installation services, and one-call support. Providing IT with simpler deployment, management and support while providing end users with self-provisioning desktops along with the ability to work efficiently from any end point from anywhere at any time. The Federation EUC Solution provides a foundation for simplifying your End User Compute Infrastructure.

 The Federation End-User Computing (EUC) solution continues to evolve.  I sat down with Jay Chitnis, Director of EMCs End User and Mobility Solutions before his Keynote presentation at the New England EUC Summit to the latest developments on the Federation EUC Solution.

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