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Nov 18, 2015

As data volumes continue to grow, organizations are under more pressure than ever to make smart decisions on which data to save and how to archive it all while managing a variety of compliance, governance and operational needs.  But do the applications that created the data all need to be saved too?  Even if the data is essential to an organization, it doesn’t mean all of the applications need to be retained. After all, the cost, time, and manpower required to maintain aging applications can be substantial.  Simply retaining every application in an organization’s portfolio because it has authored essential data no longer makes sense.  In fact, it is a looming problem that must be addressed.  Whether it is caused by technology platform changes, compliance requirements or business events like mergers and acquisitions, decommissioning applications must be part of every IT organization’s strategic plan to become more efficient, agile and aligned with the business.

EMC Infoarchive is designed to directly address these concerns, allowing you to extract the data trapped in legacy applications so you can focus on the future, leaving no application data behind.  Decommissioning applications is the key to repurposing IT budget for the move to the third platform.

I recently sat down with Bryant Bell (@bell2bry) before his “Using InfoArchive to Accelerate Your Move to the Third Platform” breakout session at the EMC Forum in Dallas, Texas.

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