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Sep 23, 2015

EMC: The Source Podcast Episode #14:   The Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solutions provide the ability for IT to focus on business innovation rather than deploying and maintaining infrastructure, minimize provisioning times with policy-driven templates, and becomes more nimble and responsive while lowering costs.  Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud delivers automation and always-on Infrastructure-as-a-Service including: a full suite of data protection and security options such as high availability, disaster recovery, continuous availability, encryption and more.  End users can modify service levels at any time to adapt to changing workload demands.  Empowering end users with a self-service portal that allows access to application and IT service on-demand.  Resources that used to take months to acquire are now available in just a few clicks, and IT maintains control and visibility by setting policies for how the self-service catalog operates.

The latest version of The Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud was announced at VMworld 2015.  I sat down with Berna Devrim (@Berna_Devrim) and Jim Sanzone (@theSANzone) in the EMC Skybox at VMworld 2015 to get the latest.

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