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Sep 16, 2015

Today’s end users are more mobile than ever and expect continuous access to business-critical information when, where, and from any device they choose.  IT must strike a balance between open, accessible infrastructure supporting collaborative, real-time, resource-intensive applications and maintain a secure environment that protects the business and its digital assets.  The Federation End-User Computing (EUC) solution offers a strategic and streamlined approach delivering simplicity, efficiency and flexibility; allowing IT to deploy and manage end user environments quickly, securely, and at the lowest cost. 

 The Federation End-User Computing (EUC) was announced at VMworld 2015.  I sat down with Rajeev Dawar (@VirtuallyRaj) and Tony Foster (@Wonder Nerd) before their breakout session, “Desktops: Part of a Comprehensive Cloud Strategy”, to get some insight into the announcement.   

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